Tiffany Twist Hair Extensions: Soft Bond Strands™

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Tiffany Twist has created a safe, natural hair extension bond that allows you to apply your own strand-by-strand hair extensions from the comfort of your own home. This product and method for hair extensions has been perfected for over a decade. It is a comfortable, long-lasting, discreet hair extension you can learn to use at home. Add length, volume and fix damaged hair with hair extensions you can learn to use. No glues, no fusion, no adhesive tapes. Chemical-free, tool-free removal. Never damages the natural hair. Grow your hair with Tiffany's safe & natural hair care. Your package includes the online DIY hair extension school, 8 ounce jar of Soft Bond Strands™ (for 5 installs), 2 sets of travel size Just Clean Hair™ Silicone-Free Hair Care and the (optional or prerecorded) 3-day home challenge.

Soft Bond Strands® is an exclusive hair extension product that uses a unique installation process that doesn't cause damage to the natural hair. As a Soft Bond Strands® specialist, you will be able to offer your clients a product that is safer and more natural-looking than traditional hair extension methods.