The History of Hair Extensions

Saturday, April 15, 2023

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Hair extensions have been used for thousands of years to enhance hair length, volume, and style. Here is a brief history of hair extensions:

  • Ancient Egypt: The use of hair extensions can be traced back to ancient Egypt, where wigs and hairpieces were used for practical and cosmetic purposes. Wealthy Egyptians would wear wigs made from human hair, wool, and plant fibers as a status symbol.
  • Ancient Greece and Rome: Hair extensions were also popular in ancient Greece and Rome, where women would add hairpieces and wigs to achieve elaborate hairstyles.
  • 18th century: In the 18th century, hair extensions became popular in Europe, particularly among the wealthy. Hair extensions were often made from real human hair and were used to create elaborate hairstyles and wigs.
  • 19th century: In the 19th century, hair extensions became more widely available to the middle class, with the invention of the "hair switch," a type of clip-in extension.
  • 20th century: In the 20th century, the popularity of hair extensions continued to grow, particularly in the United States. The 1960s saw the rise of synthetic hair extensions, which were more affordable and accessible than real human hair extensions.
  • ​Present day: Today, hair extensions are widely used by people of all ethnicities and genders to enhance their hair length and style. Hair extensions are available in various types and materials, including clip-in, sew-in, tape-in, and fusion extensions made from synthetic or real human hair.

As time passed, hair extensions evolved, with new materials and techniques being developed to create more realistic and versatile options. The popularity of hair extensions continued to grow, and they became a staple in the beauty industry, particularly among women seeking to add length, volume, and texture to their hair.

Today, we use Soft Bond Strands®, a revolutionary hair extension method and product that offers a better and safer way to achieve long, luscious locks. Soft Bond Strands® is a cutting-edge technique that uses a unique non-adhesive material that is gentle on the hair, skin, and scalp, making it an ideal option for individuals who have had negative experiences with traditional hair extensions.

Hair extensions are widely accepted and recognized as a common beauty practice. They are used by people of all ages, races, and backgrounds and have become a lucrative business for those who are skilled in applying them. By learning the Soft Bond Strands® technique, you can establish yourself as a skilled and reputable hair extension specialist, catering to the growing demand for safer and more natural-looking hair extensions. The Soft Bond Strands® method is easy to learn and can eliminate the use of less-desirable and damage-inducing hair extension methods shown to cause hair loss, such as clip-ins, tape-ins, fusion and sew-ins. 

As the demand for hair extensions continues to rise, it presents an excellent opportunity for individuals who are interested in starting their own business or expanding their current one. By learning this non-damaging hair extension technique and updating to the current trends in the hair extension industry, you can position yourself as an expert and provide high-quality Soft Bond Strands® services that cater to the needs of your clients.

In addition to being a financially rewarding career path, working in the hair extension industry as a Soft Bond Strands® provider can also be incredibly fulfilling. By helping clients achieve their desired look and enhancing their confidence, you can make a positive impact on their lives and build long-lasting relationships.

Therefore, if you are looking for a career that allows you to tap into your creativity and passion for beauty while also providing a stable income, now is a very good time to explore the Soft Bond Strands® Online Academy. With its rich history and continued growth, there has never been a better time to learn this amazing hair extension technique and apply it as a business that can earn you an excellent income and give you more free time.

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The hair extension industry is a large and growing market and there is BIG demand for high-quality and natural-looking hair extensions and those who offer them.

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