Hair Extension Cons

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Hair Extension Cons

What are the drawbacks when it comes to hair extensions?

While hair extensions can help you achieve longer, fuller hair, many techniques, products and methods come with some potential drawbacks. Here are some common cons of getting hair extensions available to you in the general market:

  • Damage to natural hair: Hair extensions can cause damage to your natural hair if they are not installed or removed correctly. The weight of the extensions can pull on your hair, causing it to break or become thin. Improper removal can also cause damage and breakage.
  • Allergic reactions: Some people may be allergic to the adhesives or materials used in hair extensions, which can cause redness, itching, or swelling
  • Expensive: High-quality hair extensions can be expensive, especially if you want them to look natural and last for a long time. Additionally, maintenance costs, such as regular reinstallation, can add up over time.
  • ​Time-consuming: Depending on the type of extensions you get, installing and maintaining them can be time-consuming. Clip-in extensions are relatively quick and easy to use, but sew-in or fusion extensions require a longer installation process.
  • Limitations on activities: Some types of hair extensions, such as fusion extensions, may limit your ability to participate in certain activities, such as swimming or using a sauna.
  • Maintenance: Hair extensions require special care and maintenance to keep them looking good and lasting longer. This includes regular washing, conditioning, and detangling, as well as avoiding excessive heat styling and using specialized products.

Why Soft Bond Strands® is a BETTER option for getting hair extensions, the BEST option for hair extensions

While it's important to consider these potential drawbacks before getting hair extensions, and do everything you can to choose a reputable stylist who can help you minimize the risks and maintain your natural hair's health, there is a hair extension that foregoes the typical problems when it comes to getting, and wearing, hair extensions. 

Introducing, Soft Bond Strands® Hair Extensions by Tiffany Twist

Soft Bond Strands® are a safe, gentle bonding material created by Tiffany Twist, owner and founder of WEST COAST HAIR® and used to attach strands of extension hair. It is a proprietary blend of natural and non-toxic ingredients which allows for a gentle - yet secure - hold to the hair. The Soft Bond Strands® product is removed from the hair without any chemicals or tools and, with proper care and removal, leaves no damage common to products using glues, metals and adhesives.

  • Zero damage to natural hair: Lightweight attachment professionally installed means less possibility of damage and breakage to the natural hair. Clients see their hair grow longer and fuller while wearing the extensions. 
  • ​Natural ingredients: Less worry over chemicals which cause reactions.
  • Budget-friendly: No chemicals for removal means you can reuse your extension hair if you want to. Saves you money.
  • ​Save time with permanent wear: Get 6+ months of hair you can wake up in.
  • Just like your own hair: Wash, wear, style just like your own hair. Swim, tan, sauna and ride a motorcycle. Work out at the gym, wear your hair up.
  • Simple maintenance: Use Tiffany Twist's silicone-free hair care line for long-lasting and tangle-free wear.

Hi, I Am Tiffany Twist

Creator of Soft Bond Strands®; Founder, Just Clean Hair™; Owner, WEST COAST HAIR®

Over 10 years ago, I created a hair extension product and method I worked tirelessly to perfect. I brought it to the online world as a DIY hair extension system and years later began to serve clients. We accumulated a client list in both Minnesota and California, eventually opening storefronts in Minneapolis' Uptown and then in Beverly Hills. I've since created a beloved hair care line for clients, customers, friends and family.

Most recently, I’ve perfected my system and built an Academy to teach others to do what I’ve done: Create a viable, successful 6-figure business working part-time hours from home through an online Academy filled with learning courses.

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